We are always working for the safety and wellbeing of our residents. We want to create strong communities across our region that lead, participate in and contribute to our city. The council provides community transport, services for seniors, disability services, youth development programs and opportunities for volunteers.

Some of our programs are Active Onkaparinga and Onkaparinga Active Community Network (OACNET). 

Our commitment to community engagement can be seen in the many ways we work with communities. Consultation and collaboration are very important to us. We provide community centres, open spaces and community gardens for residents. We provide information on local government for schools and provide services that focus on the youth of our region.

As part of our ongoing focus on wellbeing, we are involved in graffiti removal and prevention, and we hold regular immunisation clinics. We offer information, advice and assistance to seniors.

We value the work of volunteers and encourage residents to be involved in the running of community events or any of our day-to-day services. Our strength is in our diversity and we welcome the skills, support and experience that volunteers bring to our activities.