Rates & property

The services we provide include building and maintaining roads, libraries, parks, playgrounds, protecting our coastline and strengthening our local economy.

Rates comprise 80 per cent of our operating income. We review our policies each year to ensure a fair distribution of payments for ratepayers across the various categories. Rates are a form of taxation based on property values (as determined by the Valuer-General).

From July 2015 the State Government withdrew the concession for council rates and replaced it with a ‘Cost of Living Concession Payment’. Please refer to the Changes to Council Rate Concessions webpage for full details.

State sewerage concessions are available for eligible ratepayers connected to Council’s Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) and state Senior Card holders are eligible to postpone rates (on application). Other ratepayers who meet certain criteria may be eligible for Council rebates, capping or remissions.

For more information about rates check out our fact sheet and FAQ's.

PDF icon png Average Household Weekly Expenditure (140K)