At Home

Nature Conservation starts in your backyard!

One of the key threats to our remaining areas of native vegetation comes from our gardens. Many environmental weeds that invade our bushland, wetlands, watercourses or coastal reserves have ‘escaped’ from gardens. They may have been spread by seed carried by wind, water, birds or other animals or even through dumped garden waste or sometimes through well-intentioned planting.

By planting indigenous plants that are local to this region, you can reduce your impact on the natural environment as well as having an attractive garden that is easy to care for. This is because the plants are suited to the local soils and weather conditions so they should not need much additional maintenance other than pruning them to suit your garden’s needs. Native plants will also provide an ongoing source of nutritious food and shelter for native wildlife such a birds and butterflies. 

Specialist growers (82K) can help you source plants that are native to this local to this area. They take care to collect seeds from remnant vegetation or other local seed banks. This ensures that the genetic integrity of our local species continues and prevents the inter-breeding that can occur when plants from the same species but different localities are planted side by side and it also means that the plants are really well suited

Or contact the City of Onkaparinga Nature Conservation Team on 8384 0666.