Trees and urban greening

Street trees

We all know the relief of finding a cool spot under a tree or walking along a shady, tree lined street on a hot day.  Trees are especially vital for our wellbeing in urban areas where there are more hard surfaces, as they provide shade and reduce the impact of radiant heat.  

We’ve created a set of Urban Forest Targets that will see a 20% increase in both tree canopy cover and urban green cover (trees and shrubs) in our urban area by 2045.  This will amount to 100,000 new trees in street verges, waterways and parks. 

The new targets are in response to the community asking for more trees and mapping undertaken in 2016 which showed that canopy cover is uneven across our region’s suburbs and townships.

We’ve already made a great start, by planting over 8000 indigenous trees and 4,000 ornamental street trees across Onkaparinga in 2016-17.

Other initiatives include creating Pocket Forests, where we take underutilised areas in our parks and plant 30 - 40 large growing trees. Our Legacy Tree program aims to get the really big trees like redgums, oaks, maples and Morton Bay figs back into parks where there are less restrictions on their growth.

You can check out Pocket Forests at

  • The corner of Ormiston Rd & Simpson Rd in Morphett Vale
  • The corner of Godfrey St & Antony St in Christie Downs
  • The corner Pembroke Dr & Young St in Reynella
  • Richards Dr at Morphett Vale
  • Corner Pamela St & Byards Rd at Happy Valley

These plantings will help to showcase some diverse species and will create beauty and shade as they grow.

Discover more about our approach to street trees and view the answers to a list of residents frequently asked questions.   

We need your help to reach the targets, as they cover both private and public land. Click on the links below to discover: