Greening our buildings and streets

To adapt to the increasing heat and weather impacts of climate change we will need to rethink the way we design, construct, maintain and use our buildings, homes and gardens.  We can be smarter about how we use energy by adopting new and cleaner technologies to reduce our impact on the environment and save some money in the process.

We are changing the way we plan streetscapes and the way we use natural shade to aid in cooling.  For information on how we are planning to achieve this view the Green City Strategic Management Plan (1.3Mb).

Great news! 

Crews from SA Power Networks recently completed the changeover of approximately 12,250 street lights to LED technology. This will deliver annual savings of over $500,000 and 2,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (t-C02e).

The new LED lights use a fraction of the power at only 14 watts.  You may also notice less ‘skyglow’ as LEDs only illuminate the road and footpath in front of them, rather than spilling light to the sky.  This wasted light reduces our ability to see the stars.

The installation cost has been met by SA Power Networks who will recoup the money from council through its annual lighting charges.


Green Buildings Initiative
Birdseye view of the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre showing solar panels

Solar panels

Energy saving advice
Dials labelled Kilowatt Hours

Trees and urban greening
Street trees thumb